Meet the Band!

The Ghost Peppers are a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band from Niagara, ON, inspired by the funky, grooving, and hard-rocking music that we have come to adore. Our sound is based on creating a fantastic and creative atmosphere that utilizes the great songs of the Chili Peppers while building beautiful vocal harmonies, stellar beats, blasting bass, and blistering solos.Comprised of four members, the Ghost Peppers originally got started in St. Catharines in early 2023. 

With fiery rap and powerful melodic performances, Leia Mahoney performs an amazing lead vocal that is unmatched. Leia combines her time working in theatre where you a fantastic vibrato is common and her love for Chili Peppers music where anything can happen to curate a truly unique vocal. 

To her side is Isaiah Clelland, an elegant and gritty lead guitar player, and vocalist— executing the famous licks of the Peppers while also finding unique moments to improvise. He is inspired by the rock music he listened to growing up and the skills he developed as a violin player, separating himself through excellent precision and flair. 

Next is Arif Ali, our grooving and maneuvering bassist, hitting every note with ease and nailing the tone of Flea like no other. As a bassist in many bands, Arif holds a groove and finds tone that every bassist longs for.

 Last, is our drummer Al De Luca, bringing a wealth of playing experience, approaching each song with energy and passion, providing a strong backing for the songs to pop. His love for music is infectious, giving you the warm fuzzies while also banging your head to the beat.

This group, while varying drastically in age just works. We love having fun on stage and being present with music. Our different experiences act as a catalyst for conversation and love. Performing is a beautiful experience and we can’t wait for you to be a part of that.

Currently, the Ghost Peppers are performing at various venues across Ontario, playing headbanging shows. Check us out across our social media platforms to stay up-to-date on all things Ghost Peppers 🔥🌶️